Despite the significant cost reductions that your company might benefit from through doing successful business overseas, you may lack the right personnel or expertise to deal with overseas companies. Maybe, if you made a previous attempt, it turned out to be frustrating and the results were not as per expectations. Having to pay the full amount in advance and waiting for five or six weeks while your order is on the water can cause anxiety, especially if the delivery is wrong.

Rhino Global Solutions, offers companies consistent and dependable results to succeed in doing business overseas. We, at Rhino Global Solutions, have a team of committed staff with more than twenty years of experience in sourcing, designing, manufacturing and delivering for our global clients. Over the years, we have earned a reputation as a premiere company in the manufacturing of packaging materials, printing and production of promotional items overseas.

To earn our clients a competitive advantage, Rhino has a Superior Quality Control system that ensures all products are in accordance with our clients’ requirements. We ensure all our clients enjoy all the gains existing in doing business overseas while at the same time minimizing uncertainties related to quality, quantity, costs, lead times etc.

At Rhino Global Solutions, we work with you to produce a sample of the items you are ordering. Once satisfied with the sample, you can place an order and pay the deposit. We then do a Pre-production Inspection which is a proactive measure that leads to quality improvement and defect minimization.

Depending on the complexity of a client’s order, we might opt to do First Article Testing to ensure the first 20% of the order is produced correctly. Considering the results, Production Testing can then be done. AQL standards help in identifying deviations and offers guidance on corrective measures to ensure uniformity in terms of quality for the entire run. All defects detected earlier are rechecked to confirm whether the have been rectified.

When production is complete, a Pre-shipment Inspection is done to confirm that your expectations have been met. You pay the balance upon your approval of the report and pictures. We then ship your order which you can track online at anytime.