Branding means the creation of recognition and an identity. Packaging is known to provide companies with an opportunity to create big brands resonating with the target market. Rhino Global Solutions, offers a number of products that are worth considering including;

  • Tins

For clients interested in tin packaging maybe, for foodstuff such as grains and drinks, drugs, chemicals or any other product, we produce beautiful custom tins. As you know, the beauty of any tin is in the fact that it will last forever. Rhino Global Solutions produces custom tins that will increase the movement of your products from the supermarkets’ shelves as gifts or promotional items. The best thing about ordering for your custom tins is that they will keep the image of your brand long after the contents have disappeared.

  • Wooden boxes

Beautiful wooden boxes speak tones about their contents. After all, only great products are worth being housed in this kind of package. For your products that look great, you need a wonderfully made package to compliment all your efforts. For your world winning product, we make Custom wood boxes what really your product deserved. Do not hesitate to make your enquiries for a number of our ‘out of the box’ options with massive capabilities.

  • Set up boxes

Skillfully customized set up boxes will definitely attract much attention to your products. We can design the set up boxes to specifically meet your unique requirements using the numerous kinds of paper options we have. Hot stamping or embossing your logo on the lid also allows you to create value. Attain the unique look through custom printed paper.

  • POP displays

To improve your marketing, Rhino produces custom POP displays which come in various sizes depending on your needs. To reinforce your brand, you can order for large signs or opt for the smaller ones if you want to pass information on anything from cosmetics to electronics. Grab the attention of consumers with our unique custom POP displays.

  • Folding cartons

Ask us to meet your specific needs. At Rhino, we know that your project needs to define, differentiate and enhance your personality. That is exactly what our folding cartons do. We have more than twenty years of experience and time makes us specialist in Folding Cartons Manufacturing.

To enhance your brand’s visibility, you can also ask us for shopping bags, brand identity/logo plates, caps, poly-bags and ashtrays.